Expert Tips For Installing & Maintaining Garage Shelving


Ever heard someone boasting about how organised their garage always is? Probably not! 

Garages are the one place where all chaos exists. There's clutter, stuff you don't want but can't throw away, training equipment, furniture, incomplete DIY projects, and other things you can't even categorise.

If you're struggling to organise your garage, you are not alone. Open spaces are usually unkempt, so we need garage shelving, workbenches, and other accessories to keep things in place. But the real deal is to install them properly.

Don’t know where to start? Read now to learn tried-and-tested tips for installing and maintaining your garage shelving for a longer life span.

5 Effective Ways for Installing Garage Shelving

Follow these 5 expert tips to install your garage shelving like a pro:

Start with Decluttering

Start by taking out all the unwanted stuff from the garage. The first thing you need is space, so sort and think clearly about how to manage it. One rule to remember is that if you haven't used anything for a year, it's time to let it go. Put the rest of the stuff into boxes with clear labels. You may label them broadly, such as “keepers,” “items to sell,” “trash,” or “Charity.”

Visualise Your Space 

Now that you have a clear area, you can visualise how to keep it. The best way, of course, is to organise it using garage shelving. Think about installing the garage shelving and how and where to place them now. You can choose from different types or levels and get them custom-designed to fit the dimensions of your garage.

Use the Walls

Garage shelving can increase your space by two to three times! You can prop them against the walls to easily organise your sports equipment, barbecue grills, garden supplies, and other items. Instead of keeping them atop each other on the floor, it's better to keep them on the shelves, where they will be safe and within reach. This technique maximises your space and gives you easy access to your stuff. 

Label your Stuff 

Remember the power of labelling. It’s a simple step that keeps things organised and within reach. Get yourself some solid storage containers.When buying storage boxes or containers, do not choose weak materials. Choose durable plastic ones, preferably with lids. They will protect your items from exterior or interior damage due to environmental conditions or other problems like seepage. The best option is to choose clear containers, allowing you to see the inside from a distance (and save you time!).

Work With Professionals

Buying and installing garage shelves may seem like an exciting DIY project, but we advise always hiring a professional company like Garage Shelving SolutionsOnly experts can help you with your shelving requirements in size, colour, weight, etc. If you attempt a DIY, it can fail badly, and once you’re done organising, the whole shelf may bend or, worse, topple over. Professionals guide you throughout installation, even providing a detailed instruction menu. They tailor products for your garage. In addition to the installation, they ensure that the new setting is appropriate for your lifestyle and aesthetic.

How to Maintain Garage Shelving?

Check out some expert tips and tricks to care for your garage shelving:

  • Regularly dust and clean the shelves to avoid debris and dirt deposits, which may become problematic later.
  • Inspect the shelves repeatedly; if you notice signs of wear and tear, make the necessary fixes in time.
  • Avoid overloading your shelves with too many boxes; keep heavy items on the bottom shelves or, better yet, the floor.
  • Group and place similar items on the same level for ease of access.
  • Never use harsh chemicals to clean the garage shelving.

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It is very important to keep things organised to maximise garage space. 

Just sit back, relax, and maybe prop up a workbench in the garage. This way, you can enjoy a peaceful time by yourself working on your DIY projects in an aesthetically arranged and clean place.

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